BMW 330.: Expensive, but demonstrable

Cars and mobility

The new 3-series is available in plug-in hybrid version, first in a sedan and soon in a station wagon.

By Stéphane Wamat

A very economical series 3? Yes, under certain conditions. The first is, at least, to be independent or to buy it in a “company” because the 330. starts at 52 450 euros TVAC before adding even the slightest option. Equipped with devices that met the premium requirements of the brand (aesthetic options, driving aids, state-of-the-art multimedia system, etc.), the in our test reached a final bill of 77,000 euros.

It stands out, but thanks to its approval at 38 g CO2/km, this plug-in hybrid is 100% deductible. These very low emissions are obviously achieved by the hybrid system, consisting of a 2-liter turbo petrol engine and an electric motor, all of which deliver the 292 hp. With a shot from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds and 230 km/h in the lead, we are talking about a real BMW, especially since the preponderance of the system hardly disturbs the balance and dynamics of the car.

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The 12 kWh batteries, which allow a theoretical range of 54 to 59 km (WLTP), are located under the rear seat. So it is the gas tank, which has been reduced (40 liters instead of 59) and moved under the boot floor. The families will not like that.

Overall, however, we enjoyed doing this series 3. The agreement between gasoline engine, electric motor and 8-speed car box is very successful, and the whole thing offers a pleasant performance. In terms of both quality and technological excellence, this Bayer definitely cannot be challenged.

The expert opinion of the eco-driving expert

BMW announces an average of 1.6 l/100 km and an electric range of up to 59 km. During our test, we removed a little more than 40 km from the batteries, and if there is indeed a way to do it better, it is at the expense of a driving discipline that few owners will submit to. However, these 40 km are sufficient for most home trips. As long as you can reload in the office, the case is in your pocket.

Otherwise, if you return without charging, you will consume about 6 l/100 km, which is very reasonable. Conclusion: With a daily mileage of less than 100 km and frequent refills, the BMW 330 is really very economical. Outside this framework, it will still be difficult to ignore a diesel version.

The opinion of the Lamarche family

“Like a number of Belgian families, we once had a series 3 of society that we remember very well. A BMW always has something special. Would we be ready for a new series of 3, let alone a plug-in hybrid that we could put into our garage every night? Yes, if it is still a company car, because at this price… And then 375 liters of trunk are 100 less than in a normal series 3. It’s elimination for family use, but come back to us when the touring break is available! »

Technical data


L/l/h (mm): 4,709/1,827/1,444
5 places
1,740 kg
4-cylinder hybrid engine. Turbo petrol 2-litre electric
Power: 292 hp
Torque: 420 Nm
Conso WLTP: 1.6 l/100 km
CO2-WLTP: 38g/km
Electric range: 54-59 km
Price: €52.450 TVAC