Basket of Handed By – The Better World

I like to read books and magazines throughout the house that not everyone is happy with, not even because I have to search everywhere for the one magazine I want to read so much. The solution is a basket in which I can store all my magazines and books properly.

Baskets in three sizes

Of course, such a magazine basket should look a bit nice, because it is still in sight. After some search esthetoning on the Internet, I ended up at Handed By. Hand By sells from bags to baskets and from stools to planters. Super nice stuff made of 70% recycled plastic. I like the motive baskets with handles very nice. They are there in two colors; blue and olive green and in three sizes small, medium and large. Since I need the biggest size for my magazines, I go for the big one in olive green. Before I know it, the basket is well stocked. I have a little more magazines in the house than I thought. Then you might think, why don’t you read them digitally? I just like to have a magazine in my hands and turn the pages around. And the magazines are not thrown away after use, but make a round of the family, so that they are also read several times.

Better lichen

The motif baskets are inspired by traditional Portuguese tile patterns, graphic elements and bright colours. It is said that Portuguese design is booming, so I took my first step with it. On the basket is a label about Mrs. Thi Hang from Vietnam braided baskets for Handed By for 30 hours a week. She does this to ensure that her children can study. It’s nice to read that a basket maker wants a good future for her children. Handed By also works 100% child labour free, so she is doing well.

By: Tessa Dry