Audrey Lamy: Your sister Alexandra shines in yellow and thinks she is “sublime”.

After losing her baby, Audrey Lamy moved away from social networks. She recently returned there and is keeping in touch with her pendant. They showered her with compliments as they commented on her last photo. Her sister Alexandra Lamy will find her somewhere else “Splendid“.

Audrey Lamy has more than 460,000 subscribers on Instagram. On Monday October 12, 2020, she posted a new photo. The 39-year-old actress presented herself to Internet users in a magnificent yellow dress slit on the right thigh and black Stuart Weitzman sandals. Audrey poses in front of a vintage car on a gravel driveway.

“”Monday“just write @audreylamy in the caption of his photo. Be in the comment pendant reacted en masse. “”Exalt my sister“, published her big sister Alexandra Lamy. Her niece (Alexandra Lamy’s daughter) Chloé Jouannet adds in a single word:”bomb“Shirley Bousquet and the singer Léa Castel are her little compliments too.”Audrey American Star Version … it suits you !!“comments the first.