April First Muse by Sandra Semburg – The Hippie Dress | Show

I don’t exaggerate when I say what connects me to both Sandra Semburg and April First: love.

I’ve been working with photographer Sandra Semburg for 15 years. First on the editorial board of the German Vanity Fair, then for our joint projects, albeit books like “The Berlin style(* Affiliate Link) by Angelika Taschen, the men’s fashion book “Good Type” or various shoots. Working with her means a lot to me because not only is a good friend, but is known all over the world as a street style photographer. I go so far as to say that they helped to invent the genre as we know it now. Whether she’s photographing top models for campaigns or me under the apple tree in Wusterwitz, Sandra intuitively captures the most beautiful moment.

When Carolin Dunkel opened her April First boutique in 2016, I stayed overnight Auguststraße 77 on the window. I had never seen anything like it in Berlin: polished brass, dark marble and pink velvet, along with mega trendy labels like Ulla Johnson, Nanushka or Agolde – boah, beautiful! As for the interior and range, there are only stylish things here, but no detail is protzig or reproduced. Only the other day I have This Interview on Beige with her read and was happy with her views. Just one example: “Meanwhile, the so-called It-Bag, which was saved in the past, is being scaled back after up to four months. This is a brutal devaluation of creative performance.” Carolin is not only a fashion expert, but a smart and experienced businesswoman who drives the future of the industry. She proves this with her own shop, excellent advice and expansion on her social media channels.

Klaro, I support them in this. When they called me for a shoot like “April First Muse“I immediately agreed to ask for a questionnaire,” he said. Two weeks later, Sandra and Carolin came to see me. One with her large black camera over her shoulder, the other with two large black dress bags in which the matching looks were prepared for me. The result of our productive afternoon I show you peu peu on MyBookStylePeng. Number 1 was this hippie dress, which not only has a beautiful fit, but flows over the hips in a summery way. I never thought I’d have yellow and I especially like the volume of the sleeves. What about the cleavage? Fits perfectly, without bra!

Dress: Ulla Johnson on April First

Online: https://www.aprilfirst.de/
Offline: Auguststraße 77, 10117 Berlin
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com

Photos: Sandra Semburg