April First Muse by Sandra Semburg – The Happy Suit

With suits it’s like blazers: I like them, but I don’t have the opportunity to wear them. But why does it always take a reason to fish out the good parts? This summer model is portable and makes you feel good. The dessin reminds me of toothpaste. So what? Especially a classic garment like the suit can tolerate a dose of humor. However, this should not be confused with silliness. Only if the material (here: viscose and linen) and the cut (casual straight cut) fit perfectly, then it works!

Blazer and pants: Roseanna – both about April First and now on sale!

Online: www.aprilfirst.de
Shop: Auguststraße 77, 10117 Berlin
Instagram: www.instagram.com/aprilfirststore/

Photo: Sandra Semburg

[Transparenz: Kooperation auf Freundschaftsbasis ohne Honorar, Tauschhandel oder Gutschein]