Animal Print Blouse by Mae Sue

Animal prints them simply fun and completely fashionable. From clothes to beautiful items for your interior. So I like to wear it, but I don’t want to go through life as a panther, but an item in the form of a blouse or a shirt is always fun. This time not a panther for me, but a lynx. And not in the colors of the animal, but in a beautiful green blouse with the spots of a lynx.

Wooden blouse?

The blouse is made of 100% tencel. Tencel is a durable material made of wood. It’s a bit of a complicated story, but I’ll explain it briefly. It is a pulp substance that is treated with a non-toxic solvent. It is a certified compostable and biodegradable substance. Very durable!

The good thing is that the blouse hardly folds, so ironing is not necessary. You wouldn’t think so, but the blouse also feels very soft and because of the slightly shiny fabric you have to have a real must this winter.

Mae Sue is a sustainable and fair traded boutique that sells clothes from Europe or the classic production countries, but all in a fair way, where the workers and the earth stand at 1 and make money at 2. Each brand has its own history, as does my lynx blouse. The blouse comes from the own brand. Dedica ted is the only streetwear brand that is so serious about fair trade practices and ecological materials. The blouse is designed in Sweden and is made fairly in India.

Mae Sue’s goal is to fair and sustainable fashion she hopes to contribute to a change in the fashion industry. From “fast fashion” to “slow fashion”. The clothes are a bit more expensive, but you can enjoy what is good for your karma #goodclothesgoodkarma.

The clothing is therefore sustainable, but shipping is also sustainable with recycled or ecological materials. You will receive the invoice not by post, but by post and there is a lot of information about the clothes on the site, so you make the right choice and clothes do not need to be shipped back unnecessarily.

From my own, the trend towards animal printing can continue for a while, so that I can wear this blouse for a long time to come.

By: Tessa DrogE