A mysterious radio signal from the Milky Way has been discovered for the first time


Astronomers recorded an intense and extremely short radio signal from our galaxy. If confirmed, this will be the first rapid radio outburst detected from the Milky Way. And from a source identified as Magnetar, which is more.

It is a discovery that scientists still leave unanswered. An intense and short radio signal from the Milky Way was recorded by astronomers last week. This would be a “rapid radio eruption,” making it the first repair in our galaxy, as Numerama.

One of the most fascinating mysteries of the universe

Radio telescope sensors discovered it on Tuesday, April 28, from a magnetar (or magnetic oil), a neutron star with an intense magnetic field resulting from the transformation of a supernova. The one in question, sgr 1935-2154, is 30,000 light-years from Earth, reports Futura SciencesEither in our Milky Way.

Proof of an extraterrestrial civilization?

The brevity of the emission (a millisecond) and its power (scientists believe that the signal could very well be observed by another galaxy) makes astronomers say it is a “rapid radio eruption.” The phenomenon, which has already been identified in the universe but not in our galaxy, is at the heart of many hypotheses to explain it: collision of magnetars, supernovas, even extraterrestrial civilization.

To confirm the idea that magnetars are actually the cause of rapid radio eruptions, astronomers will analyze the emissions of the SGR 1935-2154 at the time the signal is recorded. A coincidence would intensify their search. But it would also not rule out the possibility that other sources could also be the source.