A hand cream that ensures beautiful hands and flowering landscapes

Looking for a good hand cream? My tip is the number 1 in bee cosmetics.

Could it be a coincidence that this year my child dresses up as a bee at carnival and says “Save the Bees” on her costume – and I got this hand cream sent at the same time? No, because bee mortality is a problem that we should all be aware of. Nectar and pollen-seeking insects are irreplaceable as flower pollinators because they ensure the diversity of plants and animals.

But bees, bumblebees and butterflies can hardly find food in the modern world. The Lindesa Classic cream not only makes smooth velvet puddles from my rough winter hands, but also takes care of the bees: For each tube sold from the “SAVE THE BEES” special edition, a donation goes to the network “Flowering landscapes“, so that more areas can be created in which not only the animals, but also we humans feel comfortable.

The smell of beeswax immediately reminds me of my childhood, because at that time there were candles of beeswax on the table at home. Natural beeswax is one of the most valuable raw materials in cosmetics. It strengthens the barrier function of the skin and has a normalizing effect on irritated skin areas. For example, as with me from washing dishes, renovating or gardening in Villa Peng. I like that this cream absorbs quickly and I don’t leave greasy chatter fingers anywhere, which is especially important for my work on the computer.

The “nature” version with avocado oil is a tick richer and soothes with lavender oil. In addition, the hand cream is free of silicone, synthetic fragrances and preservatives. Lindesa is available from self-marketing beekeepers, specialized retailers for beekeeping products and in pharmacies.

Dermatologist Volker Steinkraus guesses Cologne Government Gazette Besides, take 5 minutes a day for your hands. Especially after washing your hands, you should cream the skin, which degreases the skin every hand wash. It is ideal to create your hands in the morning after showering and in the evening before bed. His tip: Make your hands thick and let rest for 5 minutes. That’s how I do it.

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