A fake version of “Zoom” is circulating online


If you’re about to install the popular video conferencing app, be careful.

With containment, video conferencing applications are more popular than ever. In telecommunications or with friends, many citizens have installed the famous “Zoom” app to organize online conversations with multiple people. Just one drawback, a pirated version is currently circulating, and it is necessary to be vigilant.

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Hackers have discovered a fake version of the zoom software discovered by researchers at cybersecurity firm TrendMicro. The information was immediately forwarded from the website Zdnet and then from the other media. This pirated version is accessible via malicious third-party download sites where users are invited to travel through links sent through fake emails or messages. This is the technique of phishing to recover your personal data. What you can easily spoil your e-aperitif …

A similar but malicious version

This malware gives you access to zoom and allows you to perform video conferencing as normal. The problem is that it also creates a back door for hackers to remotely access all the activities that take place on your screen. You access what you type on the keyboard, what your webcam is filming, and also to their screenshots. In the end, all these means make it easy to steal potentially sensitive information.

How can I avoid this?

To prevent this mishap from happening to you, an important detail distinguishes the real version of the pirate version. Malicious websites offer version 4.6 of Zoom, while the official software works in version 5.0. So make sure your zoom app – and your apps in absolute numbers – is well downloaded from official sources. Be extra careful with messages and emails that invite you to download an app.