9-year-old Italian boy uses containment to create video game


The boy has programmed a video game whose aim is to virtually destroy the Covid-19.

At 9 years old, you’re too young to be locked up and not just to deal with your parents’ business. So Lupo, a child from Milan, decided to create a video game to play with his friends. Like all the inhabitants of Lombardy, the region of northern Italy, where 13,000 people have died since the end of February, Lupo Daturi has been stuck with his only parents in his pavilion on the outskirts of Milan since 8 March.

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« I had to cancel all the sports I played because of the Covid-19. I can’t even go to the pond with my dog. Instead of doing sports – skiing, swimming and karate – I have to settle for apartment bikes He says. But the little boy has a passion: he programs, a passion that he shares with his father Marco Daturi, a businessman.

A “useful” passion

And in a few days, with his knowledge gained before the pandemic and online tutorials, he builds a network game. The goal? Destroy the Covid-19 on board the Cerba-20 spacecraft and eliminate it with laser fire. Lupo explains that he plays with his friends and that he has now launched a project to teach them how to program since their captivity.

« I’m not worried because my son isn’t a “nerd” her mother Francesca Zambonin, a 44-year-old lawyer, ” happy because he is passionate about something that can be useful to him ». « The fact that he invented a game that went viral makes me happy because it motivates him to make it even better. He also receives requests from his teachers to program something useful, not just games trusts his father Marco Daturi.

With AFP