8 tips for falling asleep when the heat hits us

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Some tips to try to get through the night without thinking.

Single motherJenni June raised her four children in Oregon and Southern California, USA, in apartments without air conditioning. Seeing them sleep poorly in the summer heat was very difficult for them to live. So she found some very ingenious tricks to make her less hot before bed, like getting wet and cooling her teddy bear. A quick look back.

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Closing windows and lower blinds

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It might be absurd, but closing the windows, lowering the blinds and avoiding outside air intakes help keep a room cool until nightfall, says Jenni. “It’s more like the evening when the temperature drops (…) that it is interesting to open your windows [et de laisser l’air circuler] »she says. “When the windows are closed, the best option is to use a fan.”

Sleeping on the ground floor

When the hot air rises, it is almost always cooler in a living room on the ground floor than in an upstairs bedroom. Jenni recommends tinkering with a makeshift room in a cooler room on the ground floor, for example with blankets spread out on the floor, an inflatable mattress or a simple bed sheet lying on the couch.

Eat lighter

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Believe it or not, what we eat during the day has an impact on the quality of our sleep. Sleep specialists advise choosing lighter foods in smaller amounts to prevent the digestive system from becoming overloaded and generating heat.

Drink fresh and in the crowd just before bedtime

It is also advisable to relax for an hour while sipping a cold drink before bedtime. Drinking ice water, such as a cool shower, helps to lower the internal temperature. However, choose non-alcoholic and caffeine-free drinks as both can disrupt your sleep.

Open the door to his room

It’s important to circulate air to cool a room, says Jenni. Opening the door of his room makes it easier for the draught to walk through the house. She also advises turning on as many fans as possible to keep the air moving and promote the evaporation of sweat.

Put your bed linen in the freezer

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A towel, plush or hot water bottle also does the trick: It is important that you have something cold to cool the bed.

Take a cool shower or bath before bed

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To sleep well, it is important to adjust your indoor temperature, which is allowed by a cool shower or bathtub. This eliminates the greasy sweat that accumulates during the day, rinses out toxins and lets the skin breathe.

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Sleeping naked

If you hate it, this advice will not help you. However, Jenni points out that sleeping in her simplest device avoids isolation on the skin, which makes her less hot. For those who refuse to part with their pajamas, choose it at least 100% cotton: it is the most breathable fabric, and it removes sweat well.