5 tips to turn your salad into a big dish


Here are five tips to pimp your salads and make them out of the ordinary.

Refreshing, endlessly available, salads are popular, whether in the office or at home in the evening, for a more intimate meal.

1) Dare the sweet

A good dressing for seasoning a salad is essential. And it is precisely at this stage that you can show imagination. Why not forget the salty combinations to make way for sugar? It’s easy to add a drizzle of honey or maple syrup or even a spoonful of the fruit juice of your choice to your mix.  Orange sauce with roquefort salad, mango with salmon or raspberry with chicken, the result is guaranteed. Tip, sprinkle your salad with pomegranate seeds to give each bite a small spicy touch.

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2) Variety textures

What could be better than chewing in a salad? After all, we are not rabbits and a dose of crunching can make all the difference. Cereals, wheat, barley, seeds, croutons, dare to vary the flavors.  Consider adding some raw vegetables such as cabbage or carrots to complete your salad to bring a new texture. You can also cook your vegetables, such as zucchini or grilled eggplant, to add a Provencal touch to your dish. Finally, think about making your croutons yourself, the taste will be there and the calories will be lower, what can you ask for more?

3) Fresh herbs

Parsley, coriander, mint, basil, feel free to enhance your salad with fresh herbs. You can buy them directly in the store, but the best thing is to grow them at home, they don’t need much maintenance or space.

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4) Cheese

Ok, it’s a classic, but cheese and salad go so well together. Mozarella, Goat, Brie, Halloumi, Feta, Roquefort, there is no shortage of varieties. Each of them will bring new flavors and a twist to your taste buds.

5) The leaves avarien

Finally, at the base of each salad are the leaves. And then again do not be afraid to mix the varieties for more flavor. Mesclun, oak leaf, wheat salad, rocket, curly, salad, spinach, romaine, let’s be greedy!