5 natural appetite suppressants without depriving themselves


Who says you can’t eat between meals?

This may be information you will like: it is not bad for your health to eat between meals. The best way to keep your diet healthy is to choose which foods will be your daily appetite booster. We offer you 5.

The Apple is the fruit that comes out most often when looking for a healthy snack. In addition to its low calorie content, Plant fibers absorb water and form a viscous gel that traps fat. The forbidden fruit is therefore not named after you in your daily diet.

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The Protein is a perfect appetite suppressant, especially for athletes. Rich in proteins and nutrients, it is a zero calorie food and energy boost. It’s perfect before the sport.

The Cayenne pepper is less errknown, but very effective. Capsaicin in its seeds is a fat burning because it stimulates the production of norepinephrine and adrenaline. Don’t eat to spice up your dishes.

The Almonds are good for heart, skin and blood. They are a perfect snack because you can quickly reach fullness after 30g, or 20 almonds. Be careful not to overuse it as its calorie content is relatively high.

Finally, you can use the Konjac. These small spaghetti contain only 3 kcal/100g! His glucomannan becomes gelatinous and occupies the whole room in the stomach!