5 Indie Beauty Products I Really Like | Advertising

Every month I get beauty products, from both large and small brands, shipped for testing. Why did this selection convince me? It’s right here.

1. Natural girl: Natural cosmetics with high-tech appearance – this clean face cream for sensitive skin is vegan, animal-free and not only smells summery of orange, but contains a vegetable blue light filter (HEV) made of marigold (ring flower).

2 No 802 of the Paris manufacture Bon Perfumer scents of lotus, bamboo and my favorite flowers, the peonies. What else do you want in the spring? Currently, the online shop is on hold, but those who order now should know: 20% of the turnover is donated by the company to the medical Covid-19 helpers.

3. Qiqu Qiqu is my new all-purpose weapon in the bathroom cabinet – the SOS repair gel contains the natural wound healer Chitosan (derived from the shell of Greenland shrimp), relieves itching, rough stains and inflammation (yes, also pimples) and can even be applied to small cracks, skin abrasions or insect bites. A must, not only for the summer by the lake, but also excursions and bike rides.

4. Nail polish 01 of Gitti Gitti: The innovative nail polish formula is 55% water-based, vegan, animal-free and odourless. Unfortunately, most conventional nail polishes are suspected of containing carcinogens that have a negative effect on fertility, among other things. No thanks! Tips to apply: Apply two thin layers of Base & Top Coat and colored varnish each and don’t put your hands in contact with water for a few hours. However, this only applies to hot water.

5. Lovis Lovis Munich: At first I was skeptical, because I recently had a hair soap in use that didn’t work at all. Lovis’ mild shampoo has a very different effect: it foams profusely, cleans thoroughly and ensures that my smooth hair gently waves when dry again. Ingenious for travel and to save more plastic in the future. By the way, handmade!

Transparency: All products shown here are press samples that have been made available to me free of charge for testing.