5 ideas for a balanced breakfast


Breakfast allows you to refuel for the day.

Now that you’re stuck at home and you don’t have to walk around in the morning, you’re probably going to get some time back. Some use it to take care of themselves, discover new passions – such as juggling – or new skills – such as juggling, daycare, school, sports, leisure, and creative activities in one place. Definitely, not going to the street in the morning saves us a little time, so for those who do not use it to sleep, it may also be an opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of landing to enjoy a really balanced breakfast.

A breakfast like not often you see. ©Chris Ralston/Unsplash

An engine for the day

But what is a balanced breakfast? Swapping your sacrosanct bowl with sugary grains for a complete meal can be easy. Forget the coffee drunk on the way and bought the croissant on the way to the office. All this promises to be hungry in the morning. Now that you have time, this may be an opportunity to anchor good habits to try to keep up when you have resumed your normal rhythm. Eating more and better is not much more expensive than what you normally spend on this first meal of the day. And there’s not much you can do to turn a “too sweet” breakfast into a “balanced” lunch that will fill your stomach for a long time.

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First of all, you should know that in order to get the day off to a good start, you need to make sure that the body gets everything it needs to function. Understand: protein (eggs, ham, white cheese), fat (avocado, butter, vegetable oils), carbohydrates (best for whole grains in your bread or muesli), fiber, minerals and vitamins. Without forgetting the fruits, be fully enjoyed in compote or juice.

Avocado Tartine
A breakfast consisting of an avocado spread and an egg. ©Ben Kolde/Unsplash

A few examples to start the day well

  • Butter toast (choose wholemeal bread or cereal), seasonal fruit, yoghurt and coffee.
  • A bowl of whole grain with milk a few nuts. All accompanied by fruit juice and tea.
  • Butter spreads with fresh cheese and avocados, fruit compote and coffee.
  • Muesli or oatmeal with fruits, nuts and yoghurt and tea.
  • An egg (fried, stirred, cooked), tartines with avocado puree, fruit and coffee.