5 Granny Tips To Make Your Kitchen Easier


They knew things about our grandmothers, and especially in the kitchen. Tips and tricks that are forgotten but still very useful.

Peel an onion without crying

This is a mandatory phase. If you need to peel an onion, you will necessarily go through a session of tears. However, there is a very stupid solution not to fear this phase of the recipe. The trick is to put a little water in your mouth. In this way, the tear gas released by the onions is deposited in the water in our mouth, not in that of our eyes. A real magic shot.

Catching up with a zuzeuiger that is too spicy

A little too heavy a hand on the spices can happen to anyone. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your dish is ruined and good for the garbage. To compensate for the situation, simply put a peeled potato in your mixture and mix it all together. The latter will absorb the excess spices and this small culinary failure will be a bad memory.

Prevent water from flowing out of the pan

Just a minute of inattention and hops, the water you are heating is overflowing from your pan and covering all your baking trays. Don’t panic, there’s an unstoppable trick of no longer having to camp next to his pan. To do this, simply place a wooden spoon under the lid of the latter. Wood, a porous material, will attract the foam that arises when the water boils. Farewell to nasty surprises.

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Prevent the form of traffic jams

It’s never nice to discover mold when you open your jam jar, especially since it has sometimes barely started. However, a trick helps to avoid these inconveniences. It is to put a thin sugar film on the jam to prevent bacteria from sing.

Let your fruits last longer

It is not always easy to track the yield with fruits. In a few days they become too mature and difficult to consume. Fortunately, our grandmothers knew how to slow it down. The trick is to put a cork in half to absorb moisture from the fruit. This will significantly extend their service life.

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