10 Things that rich and successful women would never do

Is your account always empty at the end of the month? Would some extra money be welcome? Do you wonder if you are the only one who is always short of money? You certainly are not. But, ask yourself: do you want to leave it that way or do you want to change something about it?

If you want to change something about this, you can learn something from the 10 things rich and successful women would never do. I write very consciously about rich and successful because I believe that success cannot (only) be measured in terms of money. Success can mean anything, including personal growth. Personal growth is essential for achieving financial success.

There are a number of things that rich people just know and that keep them rich. Making money helps, but with a high income alone you are not there! There are still a few things that you have to do and that you can learn by avoiding these pitfalls. So in this blog, I share 10 things that rich and successful women would never do.

Think that a situation cannot change

Rich and successful women see opportunities and possibilities. If they are broke today, they will not think that this will always be the case. They take action and do what is necessary to change the situation.

Stuck in negativity

Everyone experiences setbacks in their lives. The one was, unfortunately, a bit more than the other. Yet you often hear that it is precisely those with the worst setbacks that subsequently have the strongest. So don’t get stuck in negative things, but accept setbacks and focus on what you can learn from them.

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Give up

You actually only lost when you give up. When you decide never to give up, you never lost. It can’t go wrong with that, at most other than you expect. This also applies to money matters. If you are unable to earn money in a certain way, look for another option, but do not give up!

Remain financially dependent on a man

A man is not yet a plan when it comes to money. A rich and successful woman is not dependent on a man but ensures that she manages her own affairs. She knows about financial matters herself. If she is ever thrown back on herself, she knows her rights and duties and is able to stand up for herself.

Being unprepared for the future

A rich and successful woman is busy with her future. She knows where she is going and makes a plan to get there. She sets goals and looks at what is needed to achieve them. She also plans her future carefully in the financial field and is not surprised by unforeseen matters.

Spend all her money

A rich woman knows she will stay rich if she doesn’t spend all her money. She takes into account the fact that she will one day stop working or want to take it easy and that she, therefore, needs money to live on. She knows that you build up your financial future with the capital building.

Only go for certain of

Although the rich and successful woman handles her money with care, she knows that she also needs to take certain balanced risks to get ahead in life. It will have to invest and explore new areas. That is sometimes exciting and not entirely without risk. But you don’t get rich without risk. You stay where you are without any risk and you cannot move forward.

Careless handling of assets

A rich woman knows she needs to think about what she does with her assets. Most people lack either time or money. A rich woman knows that money has to work for her so that eventually more money and more time is left.

Short term thinking

There are always exceptions, but most people don’t get successful or get rich quick. Rich and successful women, therefore, have a long-term vision and are able to see the bigger picture. They look ahead, know that the sustainer wins and that every little step they take brings them closer to their goal.

Sort everything out yourself

Rich and successful people are very good at collecting the right people around them. They know that it is impossible for them to know and do everything themselves and therefore use experts to assist them in this. They don’t see it as a weakness to get help from someone who knows more than they do. They understand that help and knowledge gathering around them makes them stronger and more powerful.