10 simple ways to look chic

Do we not all want to look like a stylish Parisienne ? I certainly do. And I am therefore regularly (read: daily) looking for beautiful, stylish and affordable items. Because looking chic and stylish doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Although the jealous looks of bloggers seem to have come directly from a designer store, I know better by now. With these ten tips you can look at it in no time at all to get through a ring. And of course there are affordable items that make you feel like a million bucks! A votre service, madame!

# 1: Jacket on the shoulders

Copied with the fashion bloggers and the Parisiennes; hang your jacket over your shoulders. This way you create a super stylish entrance, wherever you go . And budget wise, this is the very cheapest tip that makes you look ultra chic in an instant. Voila!

# 2: Timeless items

Invest in timeless and basic items; these always do well. A white blouse, stripes or a nice black blazer ; all items where you can always look chic. Read here which items you can purchase best for the perfect wardrobe. C’est ca!

# 3: Monochrome

Monochrome or dressing completely in one and the same color looks super chic. You don’t even have to spend a fortune for it. The all white look is super stylish. But be warned: not for mess! (Like me).

# 4: Special shapes

Dressing chic and timeless does not mean that you have to look dull. Choose eye-catching shapes to make your outfit look more interesting. For example a beautiful white oversized blouse or a flared dress . Shape it up!

# 5: One-way flashing

Another tip that we copied from the fashion bloggers; flash your ankles. Either show a piece of your ankles. Looks super feminine and chic, without having to open your wallet. You’re welcome!

# 6: Wear black

It is the most chic color of the universe, even if it is not a color. Black always does well . And nothing, but nothing, is more beautiful than a good black outfit with strong shapes. All black, everything black!


# 7: Subtle jewelry

We love jewelry! But if you want to look a bit chic, keep it subtle. Thin jewelry with clean lines do not stand out, but are subtly present making it look very feminine and soft. Or wear a piece of jewelry with the first letter of your name, so that it appears personalized (and expensive). Tip de la tip!


# 8: Luxury beauty products

Even with a good beauty product you can show that you have mastered the intricacies of the Parisienne profession. A real chic freak recognizes your products – and you as a stylish woman – immediately. Show it off!

# 9: Flat shoes

Yes really! They are not heels, but flat shoes that are a real must-have for a chic wardrobe. Although many people think that you have to wear high heels to look chic, flat shoes are a Parisienne’s best friend. Oeh-lala!

# 10: Keep it simple

The golden rule: keep it simple. Nothing is as chic as a simple, well-thought-out outfit. Or how about a simple gray t-shirt with a white blazer? What else ?!