10 places to stay and eat this summer


Belgium is home to some of the beautiful treasures to discover.

The limitations associated with the pandemic context allow us to rediscover a trend that is far from new: staycation. This trend is to spend your holiday at home or next to your house. A great opportunity to rediscover your region and why not organize a small road trip through Belgium to discover the unusual places next to us. Here are 10 ideal and versatile accommodations to stay and eat this summer.

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In this former farmhouse completely renovated in the heart of Ernage, this brand new décor welcomes you in a friendly and warm atmosphere. In the kitchen Stefan Jacob, a native region who has already won a star at the Va Doux Vent in Uccle at the age of 23. His partner Aurélie takes care of the four guest rooms and the events that take place on site. Urgently to be tested for a unique and exotic experience.

Food: Menu discovered after the market. Four services – 55 € (food/wine agreement 30 €) / five-course service – 65 € (food/wine agreement 35 €) / six-course-75 (food/wine agreement 40 €)

Sleep Rooms from 120 to 150 euros per night.

Information and reservations: hors-champs.be

Villa Balat

This exceptional guest room on the banks of the River Maas is considered one of the most beautiful houses in Namur. Just a stone’s throw from the city centre, the nearly 375-metre-high house is located2 on three floors is a real place of peace. Whether you prefer to get together in one of the library’s armchairs or take a walk at every corner of the garden. The motto of the house? ‘They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did.’

Sleep: Rooms from €120 to €160 including breakfast.

Information and reservations: www.villabalat.be

The Hunting Horn, Wéris

This family-run hotel with 13 rooms in one of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia offers a moment of peace and relaxation, as well as modern gourmet cuisine, the dishes of which are prepared by the owner himself. The imposing building made of typical Ardennenstein contains a warm and modern interior for a real moment of exception.

Sleep: Rooms between 115 and 150 euros

Food: Lunch (3 courses: 40 euros – wine selection: 22 euros) / discovery menu (5 courses: 70 euros – wine selection: 38 euros) / prestige menu (6 courses: 85 euros – wine selection: 45 euros)

Information and reservations: www.lecordechasse.be

The Yurts of Vero – Co, Namur

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I just need a few things to be happy. Nature, food, sun and love 🌞 That’s not too much to ask, isn’t it? No for real, if there is something that calms my soul, then it is carefree days in nature. A minimalist way of life. In the last few days I have had an amazing experience with my friend. We enjoyed my birthday while staying in a yurt and able to enjoy a hot tub and sauna every moment of the day (and night). We also enjoyed long walks and captivating views. On my birthday we visited (unexpectedly) Namur, went to the organic shop and picked up back to the yurt. There we picked salad and herbs from the garden and enjoyed a cozy teppanyaki dinner while watching the sunset. Bliss 🌅 My heart still shines with love. Oh and guess what? Finally I finished my studies 👩🏾 🎓 Woop woop! I was definitely not an average student who was always exploring new opportunities and other talents as I left my studies in the background. So yes, it was a fight. I’m definitely not the girl with the high grades 🤣 But hey! I’ve done it, and this is definitely a milestone and I’m SO glad I’ve got this horrible (yes horrible) chapter behind 😄 never understood people saying ‘Your fun student life, it’s the best time in your whole life!’. There is definitely no agreement on this issue. Now it’s time for a new chapter 🏠🙈 Pretty nervous about it 🙃🙃🙃

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Happiness is in the yurts. This unusual concept offers a guest yurt with its Finnish bath and wood sauna, a common vegetable garden, chickens, sheep, goats and cows, a bread oven, a nearby network of local artisans (cheese, bakery,…), mass, zero waste,… Full of surprises that will surely let you live a moment completely out of the ordinary.

Sleep: Yurt for 140 euros for two and 200 for four, including kitchen area.

Information and reservations: facebook.com/Chamayourte Yes fr.airbnb.be/rooms

Poupette Hut, Beersel

In a charming setting, this small hut by the pond has the air of Chalet Robinson. Just a stone’s throw from Brussels, this hotel promises a real moment of resources for a Staycation Unique. Ideal for a romantic weekend.

Information and reservations: www.facebook.com/lacabanedepoupette or directly via lacabanedepoupette@yandex.com.

The Forest, Houwaart

This is the ultimate Instagram spot. Just 30 minutes from Brussels, this “into the wilderness” concept invites you to a natural bath while living in a small wooden hut. A true return to childhood, but always in comfort and taste! The small house is equipped with a double bed, a kitchenette, a living area with stove and above all a bathroom with an exceptional view of the lake.

Sleep: 210 € for one night alone or for two

Information and reservations: www.theforest.be

Slé Escape, Land of fame

The concept of this hotel tends to restore silence to its noble titles by making it the central theme of their project. In the heart of the Ardennes, these six suspended cabins offer you a timeless moment. The real plus? The ultra-minimalist décor and the infrastructure of ice and wood, a unique design that fits fully into the décor. For a responsible weekend and a real reconnection, with family or friends.

Sleep: Make about 150 dollars per night.

Information and reservations: slo-escape.com

The huts of Rensiwez, Houffalize

This is the must that is no longer presented. The huts of Rensiwez also offer a short break in the heart of the forest, in a green nature that is simply magical. The site consists of several huts and houses scattered and is located in the heart of the Natural Park of the two Ourthens, which covers an area of 75,998 hectares. Fishing, Kayaking, Walks, Golf,… Everything is put together to have an extraordinary moment.

Food: Breakfast – 14 € per person / catering service between 24 and 32 € per person depending on the number of services / barbecue: €26 per person.

Sleep: Between 135 and 200 euros per night

Information and reservations: www.lescabanesderensiwez.be

Maxim’s Table, Paliseul

This renovated former farmhouse offers a gourmet restaurant and ultra-comfortable rooms in a unique and modern design. The hotel has a total of six charming rooms and cuisine inspired by the passion of the country. A high-end experience in the countryside.

Sleep: Between 125 and 145 euros per night (including lunch)

Food: The market menu for 50 euros (lunch only) / Discovery menu 60 – 75 – 95 (plus wine package).

Information and reservations: www.maximecollard.be/la-table-de-maxime

The countries from here, La Hulpe

This ecological project offers a food farm, an organic grocery store and a nursery that serves as a Pedag placeChildren and adults. The organic farm focuses on organic and seasonal products picked from their vegetable garden in the heart of Beersel. Many activities around nature are also organized throughout the summer. The possibility to escape for an afternoon, just a stone’s throw from home.

Food: Starter-plate formula at 25 usd

Information and reservations: www.lesterresdici.farm